Dear world scientists, I am an unfortunate Indian scientist subjected to negligence,racism&discrimination despite did over a 10,000 researches&studies,more than 1000 research papers were prepared&published and around 100 key investigations were proposed&designed like BASICS OF CREATION(IRLAPATISM-A NEW HYPOTHETICAL MODEL OF COSMOLOGY),BASICS OF GEOSCOPE&NATIONAL GEOSCOPE PROJECTS and BASICS OF GLOBAL MONSOON TIME SCALES etc.Political recommendations&officials support,region&religion,cash&caste factors may play a key role in giving support&opportunities,respect&recognition,awards&rewards to downtrodden people.As a consequence, I felt oppressed&my researches were ignored&darkned.I am now making my life’s last journey with hopelessness&sickness. Kindly follow&find out my researches in all websites by searching it’s aforesaid names or my name GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI.Recognize me by making references in your publications and bring into light.I urge world scientists to make further researches on my investigations,develop,promote&propagate them.

Author: gangadhara rao irlapati

An unfortunate Indian scientist subjected to negligence racism and discrimination even though invented many inventions and discoveries

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