BASICS OF GEOSCOPE&NATIONAL GEOSCOPE PROJECTS for all regions&countries were proposed&designed by me 1987 with many intentions&ambitions to predict earthquakes, create artificial storms, artificial rains, artificial underground waters etc. Find out them in all websites by searching a region/country’s name that prefixed to National Geoscope Project just like as AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL GEOSCOPE PROJECT BY GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI.Recognize me as the originator of Geoscope&NationalGeoscopeProjects in lieu of considering the immense efforts I have did for Geoscope&NationalGeoscopeProjects and my quest to establish&implement it all over the world regions/ countries to serve the world people.And also make further research&develop and promote&propagate them.This is not what Buckminster had made in 1962 and similar many architectures in the name of Geoscope.

Author: gangadhara rao irlapati

An unfortunate Indian scientist subjected to negligence racism and discrimination even though invented many inventions and discoveries

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