Global Monsoon Time Scales are designed by me in 1991 for all world regions&countries to study the global monsoon systems. Find out them on the Google or any search engine by searching in the name by prefixing a region or country’s name to Monsoon Time Scale just like as AUSTRALIAN MONSOON TIME SCALE DESIGNED BY GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI.Make further research&develop and promote&propagate them.Recognize me as the inventor of the Global Monsoon Time Scales by making references in your publications and conversations and bring me into light.

North American Monsoon Time Scale
North African Monsoon Time Scale
Indian Monsoon Time Scale
East Asian Monsoon Time Scale
South American Monsoon Time Scale
South African Monsoon Time Scale
Australian Monsoon Time Scale
Western North Pacific MonsTime Scale

European Monsoon Time Scale
North East Monsoon Time Scale
East African Monsoon Time Scale
West African Monsoon Time Scale
South Asian Monsoon Time Scale
South West Monsoon Time Scale
Indo-Australian Monsoon Time Scale
Asian-Australian Monsoon Time Scale
Malasian-Australian MonTime Scale
Northern-Australian MonTime Scale
Australian-Indonesian MonTime Scale

and all country-wise monsoon time scales.

Author: gangadhara rao irlapati

An unfortunate Indian scientist subjected to negligence racism and discrimination even though invented many inventions and discoveries

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