Final destination

I tried to find out many inventions on the basis of some super research ideas.But I am not giving support and opportunities and couldn’t do further studies and researches on those missions. My ambitions and goals are to take and keep the entire underground into the control of Geoscope to study the underground mysteries, explore the underground resources, predict the geological hazards, attracting the sea and deep underground waters to the underground areas of deserts though the layers, attracting vaporized sea waters to the desert areas by sky, create artificial storms and making them to our control and moving to desert areas and pouring rains, create artificial rains and pouring rains over the desert areas, traveling into the past by using Time-Machine, restore and recreate people in the past by using Bio-Machine and Geo-Machine that are preserved in the earth’s magnetic field, establishing human habitations on inter-planets, to have relationship with living beings on Neutrons, to have relationship with living beings on the outside world’s, But all my hopes have become obsolete. I am now making my life’s last journey due to pains&poverty and disregard&despair. .

Author: gangadhara rao irlapati

An unfortunate Indian scientist subjected to negligence racism and discrimination even though invented many inventions and discoveries

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